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About the Umlaut

When writing about Arnold Rönnebeck, please put the umlaut over the “o” in his name.  However, his wife, Louise Emerson Ronnebeck, did not utilize the umlaut, so it is not needed when referring to her.


The Estate of Arnold Rönnebeck welcomes inquiries regarding the reproduction of works by Arnold Rönnebeck. Copyright of works by Arnold Rönnebeck and of many photographs of Arnold Rönnebeck belong to the Estate of Arnold Rönnebeck. Permission to reproduce must be secured in advance of reproduction. Copyright and reproduction fees may apply and all reproductions must be accompanied by correct caption information and copyright acknowledgement. To obtain copyright permission please contact


The Estate of Arnold Rönnebeck encourages scholarly and professionally organized exhibitions of the work of Arnold Rönnebeck and inclusion of his works in group exhibitions that show his work in a new light or context or which show his relationship to the art of his contemporaries. For exhibition inquiries please contact us at


The Estate of Arnold Rönnebeck does not authenticate or appraise Arnold Rönnebeck’s work. If you are interested in an appraisal or authentication, please contact the appropriate appraisal department of a professional auction house or an independent appraiser in your area.

Estate of Louise Ronnebeck

If you are interested in information about the work of Louise Ronnebeck (1901-1980), please see her website.  Or, contact us at